Salmon Creek Lions Club Supports Leader Dogs

Raising a Future Leader Dog won’t only change someone else’s life.
It will change yours.

Do you love dogs? Are you ready to make a real difference? If you said “yes” to both these questions, raising a Future Leader Dog may be the right opportunity for you.

Puppy raisers are the backbone of our guide dog program. They give 12 to 15 months of their time, energy and love to raise a puppy for Leader Dog. Through daily care and training, puppy raisers build the foundation our puppies need to become a trusted guide dog for someone who is blind.

Puppy raising is the adventure of a lifetime, and every adventure comes with challenges and rewards. We’re here to help.

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Our goal will be to convince your puppy that keeping their attention on you is more fun and rewarding than all the other awesome stuff in the environment.

I always put it in the perspective of where is your last point of success? Typically, the variables that determine that are 1) the distance between your puppy and the distraction and 2) the intensity of the distraction. A dog leaping and barking is a totally different level of distraction difficulty than a dog sitting nicely at a person’s side.

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Leader Dog Campus Tour

Veteran William and Leader Dog Rio